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May 16 2022

The Top 4 Trends for Two-Sided Twins. 

Don’t commit to anything and keep your options open – it’s Gemini season, baby! Born between May 21st and June 20th, Geminis are the jack-of-all trades of the Zodiac. They’re super smart, highly adaptable and intensely curious – until they move onto the next thing of course!

Whether you’ve got multiple Gemini placements, just the one or you’re attracted to the style profile of this enigmatic sign we’ve pulled a list of the top jewellery trends that you should rock this Gemini season.

 1. Yin and Yang Motifs

In ancient Chinese philosophy, Yin and Yang is a concept that describes how seemingly opposite forces can complement and interrelate with one another. Now, being an air sign, Geminis aren’t shy around theory and philosophy! More than that though, Yin and Yang speaks to Geminis duality. Because of their twin nature, Geminis are capable of embodying multiple traits at any one time – some of which contrast with others, but they carry it off with style! Lovisa has a lot of jewellery and accessories with the yin yang motif – from necklaces to earrings, rings or bracelets, we’ll find the yin to your yang. Shop them here.


2. Yellow

Yellow is a stimulating, lively colour that often represents happiness and joy – which makes it perfect for energetic and curious Geminis. Its bright hue is said to stimulate brain activity and inspires originality and clarity – perfect for intelligent, deep-thinking Geminis. Finally, Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury – and Mercury is the planet of communication. Who wouldn’t want to chat with the happy person decked out in yellow? Incorporate yellow into your wardrobe with funky hair accessories, bright earrings and citrine hued jewels. Opt for warm gold tones to tie it all together! Shop here.


 3. Layered Chains

Let’s get layered! Most signs have multiple facets to their personalities, and Gemini is no exception. In fact, Gemini is the most two-sided of them all! Legend has it this zodiac had so many interests and pursuits that it cloned itself to get through twice as much– thus inspiring the ‘twin’ symbol.

Necklace stacks and charms are a great way to showcase multiple aspects of your personality. The style we’re backing for Gemini? Layered necklaces! With multiple inbuilt chains to create the illusion of multiple necklaces, layered necklaces are perfect for appealing to the multiple facets of the Gemini personality and communicating multiple messages at once. Shop them here.


4. Stacking Earrings

Mix them, match them, stack them! Earrings from the Curated Collection are designed to be layered together to create a custom, curated look. The stacking trend is perfect for versatile, multifaceted Geminis who struggle to choose just one style. For a funky, colourful look layer 90s styles together – or opt for an edgier look and layer gold and silver styles together. The options are endless – and that’s the way Geminis like it! Shop them here.


There you have it, the top four trends for Gemini season! Check out the full collection here. Wear them all together and make an entrance at your next event!

With love,


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