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Jan 17 2024

Pieces for your star sign  


Calling all Aquarians, it’s officially your time to shine! Whether you’re celebrating your birthday this month, or plan on spoiling an Aquarius in your life – we have just the thing to make this season special. From stand-out statement pieces to everyday staples, discover our selection of Aquarius-approved jewellery.  

Aquarius Traits & Compatibility 

Aquarians are affectionate and intelligent star signs, governed by the planet Uranus. Renowned for their innovation and independence, Aquarians are forward-thinking star signs who love originality. Because of this, no two Aquarius’ are the same. 

Their unique approach to life draws them to make connections with like-minded people, including fellow air signs Gemini and Libra, while their opposing sign Leo offers Aquarius balance, making great friends and companions.  

Personalised Star Sign Jewellery 


Looking for the perfect treat-yourself gesture or birthday gift? Discover premium jewellery from the Lovisa Zodiac Collection. Explore our selection of signature star sign pendant necklaces, zodiac bracelets and embellished earring stacks. 

Jewellery from our Zodiac Collection is plated with real gold and silver, featuring star sign charms adorned with cubic zirconia crystals and freshwater pearls. Show off your stars to the world with our bestselling Gold Plated Aquarius Star Sign Ear Stackers, or Gold Plated Aquarius Script Pendant Necklace.    

Add a personalised touch to your outfit or celebrate a special Aquarius in your life with the perfect gift in silver or gold from our Zodiac Collection here. 


A Pop of Red  


Aquarius’ birthstone is the alluring and eye-catching garnet stone. Garnet’s meaning is symbolic of truth, passion and personal power – representative of Aquarius’ strong sense of self and honesty in everything they do. The stone is also believed to encourage clarity and balance, aligning with Aquarians' innovative and independent nature.  

This Aquarius season, make a statement with our selection of garnet-inspired pieces. Add a hint of drama to your look with our Red Short Iridescent Petal Necklace, perfect for elevating an evening or party outfit. 

Alternatively, add a subtle pop of colour with complementary jewellery and accessories from our Red Collection, including rings, earring stacks, necklaces and more. 


Statement Necklaces  


Step into Aquarius season by making a statement. This month is all about you Aquarius, so don’t shy away from getting more experimental with your style. 

For an on-trend and impactful finish to your birthday month outfits, incorporate chunky statement necklaces into your daily repertoire. Gravitate towards modern silhouettes and motifs, like an oversized chain choker or bold pendant necklace with hearts, circles and diamante embellishments.  

Whether you’re more of a layering person or like to stand out with a single statement piece – discover our selection of statement necklaces and chokers here to complete your party outfits.  


Statement Stud Earrings  


Aquarians love to show off their originality, especially through their unique sense of style. This month, add interest to your look with our collection of unique statement stud earrings – perfect for adding a touch of personality to your ear stack. 

Whether you’re celebrating your birthday month with an intimate dinner, drinks with friends or hosting a party – statement studs are a great way to take your outfit to the next level, without making too much of a statement.  

Style our trending teardrop stud earrings or opt for an organic touch with some circular statement studs. For more style inspiration for your stack, visit our collection here for more.  


A Hint of Sparkle  


Make a lasting impression this Aquarius season with luxe jewellery pieces from the Lovisa Cubic Zirconia Collection. Whether you’re in need of gift ideas for an Aquarian in your life or simply want to commemorate your birthday with a sentimental piece of jewellery, opt for premium pieces from our Cubic Zirconia Collection.  

Cubic Zirconia crystals are skillfully crafted, man-made diamonds, designed to replicate the same cut and clarity as crystals triple their price. Add a hint of luxury to your jewellery box with our wide range of bracelets, rings, earrings and necklaces adorned with jewels and make this season one to remember.  

Explore our entire collection of premium gift ideas here for more.  


Party Hair Accessories 


Top off your look this season with dazzling hair accessories. Complement your birthday party outfit with some matching hair adornments, including trending hair claw clips and clips.  

Add a touch of glamour to your outfit and elevate your hairstyle with Aquarius-approved headpieces. Accentuate a slicked-back bun with our bestselling Diamante Butterfly Hair Claw Clip or decorate an up-down look with some rhinestone embellished hair clips.  

Explore our wide range of hair accessories from the Lovisa Hair Essentials Collection here for more.  


There you have it, our top accessories perfect for Aquarius season! Discover our entire range of Aquarius-approved pieces here or explore our Zodiac Collection for a personalised finish to your stack. Don’t forget to tag us in your looks this season over on our Instagram with #MyLovisa for a chance to be featured!