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Huggie Earrings

When it comes to huggie earrings, Lovisa is your one stop jewellery shop! Find hundreds of unique styles, with our range of gold huggie earrings and silver huggie hoops. Choose from a variety of on-trend designs, charms, and embellishments to show off your personal style.

When it comes to huggie earrings, Lovisa is your one stop jewellery shop! Find hundreds of unique styles, with our range of gold huggie earrings... more less

Find the perfect pair of huggie earrings to make you shine

No jewellery box is complete without huggie earrings! At Lovisa, we offer a huge selection of gold, silver and rose gold huggie earrings in every style imaginable. Find best-selling gold plated designs, sterling silver huggie hoops and pearl drop or gemstone encrusted earrings to embellish every occasion. 

Comfortable and perfect for every day wearing

Go from brunch to a night out with classic lightweight huggie hoop earrings in sterling silver or gold plating. Complete any look with versatile thin gold pearl huggie earrings or mini chunky silver huggie hoops. For comfort, check out huggies in our sleeper or sensitive earring range.

Mix and mix for a curated earring stack

Have multiple ear piercings? Mix and match multiple huggies to add to your earring stack or stack them with larger hoops and studs. Huggie earrings also easily match with other accessories like necklaces, bracelets, and rings to complete your outfit.

Make a statement and add some bling to your outfit

Add a touch of luxe to your look and opt for gold plated sterling silver pave huggies. Style with a statement cubic zirconia diamond ring for a complete fashion ensemble. Love gemstones? Add statement earrings to your jewellery collection with our selection of rose gold quartz huggie hoops, topaz drop earrings, emerald green teardrop earrings and so much more. We know you’ll love our cubic zirconia diamond huggie earrings and baguette crystal huggies for a brilliant sparkle at any event!

Fashion forward earring designs for the trendsetters

Shop the latest trends as fast as you see them popping up on your feeds. If you’re living for the major comeback of silver jewellery, stack silver huggie earrings above statement silver hoops. Fancy a bit of twist? Gold plated twisted and croissant huggie earrings are your top picks. For animal lovers, we have snake and butterfly huggie designs. Love yourself some playful jewellery? You will adore the huggie heart charms, celestial sun and moon charms, evil eye motifs, the classic cross and so much more. Our jewellery specialists at Lovisa bring you on-trend designs that will set you apart from the rest.


What are huggie earrings?
Huggie earrings are fashionable earrings designed to ‘hug’ your earlobe for a snug fit. They are generally thicker than standard hoops and most have a lever back, which means the curved back of the earrings locks into place. They’re hollow and lightweight, making them comfortable for all day wear.

What is the difference between huggie and hoop earrings?
Huggie earrings are essentially a small type of hoop earring. They mainly differ from hoops in terms of size and hoop diameter. Huggies are smaller in diameter and are meant to wrap closely around your earlobe for a more subtle and comfortable style. Hoop earrings on the other hand, come in a variety of sizes with a wider diameter range for different occasions and looks.

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