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Nov 30 2022

Dreamy pieces for your star sign 


Step aside Scorpio, it’s time to make way for the social butterfly of the star signs – Sagittarius. 

Sagittarius is the spontaneous, loyal and infectiously optimistic dreamer of the zodiacs. Ruled by planet Jupiter, the ‘energy magnet’ of the planets, Sagittarius is renowned for their larger-than-life personality and boundless enthusiasm. Whether it be a new skill, the call of a new city, or the opportunity to make a new friend – a Sagittarius values freedom and adventure above all else.

Hues of purple 


The colour purple symbolises ambition, creativity and independence – all things right up Sagittarius’ alley. So, show off your inner colours this Sagittarius season and sport some vibrant, purple accessories!  

Explore our collection of amethyst embellished jewellery pieces or try a new hair accessory in a shade of purple. Plus, the pantone colour of the season is lilac – even more reason to dress for the occasion!  


Nostalgic styling



If there’s a star sign that could pull off the rising maximalist trend with ease, it’s Sagittarius! Lean into your playful side this zodiac season and experiment with pairing nostalgic pieces from our best-selling 90s Collection. 

Opt for some vibrant acrylic and embellished rings with unique motifs, or style the 90s claw clip trend with some colourful ombre clips.  


Beaded accessories 



Sagittarius doesn’t like to be taken too seriously and rarely plays things safe, especially in the accessories department! Accessorise the latest bead trend this season for a nostalgic and unique look.  

Try out some beaded friendship bracelets with blue and purple accents or spell out your mood with a letter charm bracelet. Beaded bracelets and choker necklaces make great layering pieces, so get stacking Sag! The styling horizons are endless.  



Butterfly motifs


Sagittarius is no stranger to change! Represented by the ‘archer,’ this fire sign isn’t one to commit to things easily. Instead, they’re drawn towards the thrill of adventure, creativity and travel.   

Show off your love for the unknown and spread your wings this zodiac season with some butterfly motif jewellery! Choose from a pair of embellished huggie earrings with butterfly charms, or a signature butterfly motif necklace.  


Layered necklaces



Why choose just one necklace to style, when you could create your own layered look? Rather than sticking with just one pendant necklace, embrace your creative side by layering different chain necklaces. Choose necklaces with embellishments like cubic zirconia crystals or freshwater pearls for a luxe edge, or opt for classic chains like figaro, rope and chain style necklaces in varying lengths.  


Another month, another zodiac! Explore our collection of jewellery and accessories related to your star sign over on our Zodiac Collection page.  
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