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Dec 07 2022

How to style trending press on nails & fake piercings


With so many trends surfacing throughout the year, committing to high-maintenance or costly fashion trends can be difficult. But what if you could try your favourite trends without any commitment? 

Press on nails and body jewellery are two of our go-to methods to staying on trend without any permanence. Non-committal types, this ones for you!  

Achieving salon-quality nails at home


From the viral Hailey Bieber donut nails to Y2K-inspired tips, experimental nails are the latest trend flooding our Instagram and TikTok feeds – so much so, they’ve become their own accessory. 

While a trip to the nail salon might be a self-care staple for some, it isn’t always a realistic or cost-effective option on the regular. If lockdown has taught us anything, it’s that an on-going nail appointment isn’t the only way to achieve salon-quality nails. Make way for the new ‘at home’ nail trend with little patience or effort required, press on nails 


Press on nail trends


Press on nails have gained popularity on TikTok as a quick and easy alternative to the nail salon. While they may not be a new invention, the quality of press on nails in 2022 has made them an appealing and convenient competitor to their acrylic counterparts.  

Unlike at home gel kits or polishes, a set of press on nails doesn't require nearly as much effort or commitment to pull off. Put the LED light and nail brushes down, press on nails might just save you a lot of time and energy (don’t worry, you can thank us later).   

How to apply press on nails  


Applying press on nails is simple - first, ensure you’ve prepped your nails. You want your natural nail surface to be clean, dry and free of any nail polish prior to applying your press on.

Then, sort through your pack of press-on nails and find the shape and size that best suits each finger. Once you’ve found your match, simply press the acrylic nail firmly down onto the natural nail and hold it in place. The adhesive on the back of the press-on will adhere with ease, no glue required!  

Removing press on nails  


Once you’re ready to remove your press on nails and switch them out for a new set, all you need is a bowl of warm, soapy water. Soak your fingers in the water for ten minutes to loosen the adhesive from your natural nail. Then, gently start to peel the press-on off the nail bed by lifting the sides of the acrylic. The press on will lift with ease. Once you’ve removed each press on, you’re done! It’s that easy.  

Fake piercings and jewellery trends


Facial piercings and body jewellery was spotted on the runway during Fall/Winter 22 fashion week, with brands like Givenchy, Rochas – even Dior showing off models adorned with piercings and gemstones.

While piercings and body jewels aren’t anything new to the world of fashion, the rise of ‘90s and Y2K fashion has influenced the popularity of experimental face and body jewellery. While not everyone can commit to a new piercing – there's a non-committal way to try the trend with the rise of fake body jewellery 

From fake septum piercings and versatile fake clicker rings – the beauty of this trend is it’s completely customisable. Test out a nose ring without a trip to the piercer or adorn your ear stack with some fake cuffs. 



Face and body jewels 

The TV show Euphoria reignited the popularity of face jewels and body gems in pop-culture, making way for new and exciting ways to accent your eye makeup or add a touch of sparkle to your look. 


Our collection of versatile and colourful body gems and face jewels are perfect for festivals, parties – even for adding a unique touch to a vibrant makeup look. Plus, they’re super easy to apply and remove! Their self-adhesive back means they’re not only easy to stick on but remove at the end of the night too. Style our multicoloured pack of stick on face jewels, or get creative with our crystal body jewels 



Try these commitment-free trends and tag us in your looks with the hashtag #MyLovisaStyle over on our Instagram. Explore our Press On Nail and Fake Piercing collections to get the look now!  

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