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Oct 03 2023

Recreate These Iconic Halloween Costumes 


It’s officially spooky season, which means pumpkin spice lattes are back on the menu and the search for the ultimate Halloween costume is starting to get serious. 

If you’re yet to decide on your Halloween look for the year, we get it. Picking the perfect costume for an upcoming costume party can be overwhelming. But don’t give up just yet – we’ve curated a list of iconic Halloween costumes for 2023 to help you narrow down your search.  

Halloween is the ultimate excuse to have fun and experiment with your look – whether you want to keep things preppy and playful or lean into the eeriness of the holiday, we have just the thing to complete your costume. From Sophie Turner’s dark and mysterious Morticia Addams costume to Hailey Bieber’s trending Princess Diaries look, let these looks serve as inspiration for your Halloween plans.  

Sabrina Carpenter as a Teenage Drama Queen 


Nostalgia and pop culture moments of the early 2000s have made their way back into our consciousness – with throwback fashion and noughties icons taking over the mainstream once again.  

In light of the trend, Sabrina Carpenter has transported us back in time with her near-identical recreation of Lindsay Lohan’s character in the film Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen. Much like Mean Girls and Freaky Friday, Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen is a film loved for its fashion choices, angst and impromptu musical numbers. 

If these characters hold as big of a place in your heart as they do ours, channel your inner ‘00s ‘it-girl’ with accessories from our Y2K Edit and Silver Essentials Collections. Discover chunky silver chains, trending motifs like puffy hearts and all things glitter. 


Sophie Turner as Morticia Addams  


If you prefer the quirkiness of Halloween, there’s no family quite as enigmatic as The Addams Family. Whether you’re planning on attending your Halloween plans in a group, as a couple or styling your costume solo – dressing as your favourite Addams Family character is an impactful way to embrace the spirit of Halloween.


Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas’ iconic Addams Family couples costume is one for the memory book. The duo dressed as Morticia and Gomez in an all-out black look, which Sophie paired with a bouquet of roses and bold red lip.   

Complete your Addams Family look with our collection of bewitching statement pieces, including dark and mysterious chokers, ornate rings, rose motifs and more. 


Olivia Rodrigo as Elvira Hancock  


Channel your inner film buff this Halloween with a look inspired by the cult film Scarface. Pop sensation Olivia Rodrigo recently took on the role of Michelle Pfeiffer’s character, Elvira Hancock, and the transformation was nothing short of legendary. 

Olivia paid tribute to Elvira’s character in the hit film – striking a balance between elegance and danger in a sleek blonde bob and slinky blue gown. What makes this look stand out is the attention to detail – incorporating opulent accessories reminiscent of Miami fashion in the ‘80s.  


Recreate this unforgettable look with matching silver accessories, adorned with sapphire stones and pear-shaped crystals and embody one of Hollywood’s iconic characters this Halloween 


Hailey Bieber as Mia Thermopolis 


Princess, look out the window because we've found the perfect costume. The final scene of The Princess Diaries film has been trending on TikTok this month, and the ‘Welcome to Genovia’ sound has been viewed over 4.1 million times in the last few weeks. 

Despite the film being released in 2001, fans of The Princess Diaries are reclaiming their love for the feel-good movie, in turn, reigniting love for Hailey Bieber’s Mia Thermopolis Halloween costume from 2021.  

Turn your dreams into reality and crown yourself as Princess of Genovia this Halloween with some simple accessories. All you need is a crown fit for a Princess, a pair of headphones and a set of sunglasses to complete the look. Bonus points if you find some elbow-length gloves and glamorous cocktail rings to match!  

Discover our collection of Lovisa Crowns and Tiaras and channel your inner royal for Halloween.  


Coco Jones as Beyoncé 


If there’s anything we’d want to be for just one day, it’s Beyoncé – and that’s exactly what Coco Jones did for Halloween. The actress dressed up as the beloved superstar, recreating the Dangerously in Love album cover to a tee. Coco captured every detail of the album's artwork, down to the poses and accessories to match. 

Make an entrance at your costume party and recreate this Dangerously in Love Beyoncé look. Or get a group of friends together and embody Beyoncé looks through the eras. We’re talking Single Ladies Bey, Lemonade or even looks from her most recent Renaissance World Tour. 

Discover our wide range of statement pieces here best suited to your Beyoncé look!



The Lovisa Halloween Collection  

Whether you’re celebrating Halloween in a group, solo or with a partner in crime – discover our collection of novelty accessories from the Lovisa Halloween Collection. 

Explore our wide range of haunting and captivating jewellery from skeleton drop earrings to pumpkin and spider motifs – we’ve got everything you need for a last-minute costume.  


There you have it, iconic Halloween costumes as styled by some of our favourite celebrities. Discover our Halloween collection here for more mystical pieces, perfect for completing your outfits. Plus, don’t forget to tag us in your Halloween looks over on our Instagram with #MyLovisa.  

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