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Jun 22 2022

The Top 4 Trends for Compassionate Crabs.

Moody, secretive and loyal to a fault – it’s the zodiac season of Cancer, baby! Born between June 21st and July 20th, people within the Cancer zodiac have an unfair rap for being the sensitive Sally of star signs – but honestly, when did having empathy become a bad thing? The world needs compassionate crabs – they make for true friends, and people around them feel safe and comfortable. Don’t be fooled though – their innate sense of intuition means they know more than they let on.

Whether you’ve got multiple Cancer zodiac placements, just the one or you’re attracted to the style profile of this sentimental sign we’ve pulled a list of the top jewellery trends that you should rock this Cancer zodiac season.

1. Padlock Motifs

Keep it under lock and key! Cancer signs are a secretive bunch. This may come as surprise since Cancer signs make for honest and caring friends – but they’ll hang back and let others do the talking. That’s because, by nature, Cancer signs don’t openly share their innermost thoughts and feelings. It takes a lot to crack into what a Cancer sign has going on, and if they want to hide it, they will! Play into the secretive nature of the Cancer sign with padlock charms and motifs. Shop them here.


2. White and Silver

Only the purest colours for earnest Cancer signs! Cancer signs are best represented with a clean colour palette: grey, silver, and white hues – colours that channel the moon (the ruling celestial body for Cancer signs). Silver is a calm colour that’s effortlessly beautiful. Try silver-toned metals or, better yet, opt for sterling silver and silver-plated pieces.

To incorporate white tones into your outfit, go for pieces with white beads, details and embellishments. White pearls are clean and classic, and they represent purity – perfect for pure-of-heart Cancer signs. Layer white and silver tones together for ultimate cancer zodiac energy.


3. Pendant Chains

Let’s get layered! Most signs have multiple aspects to their personalities. While Cancer signs are charismatic and wear their heart on their sleeve, they’re also private people that are mindful of opening up to others – but once they let someone in, they let them in fully.

Necklace stacks and charms are a great way to showcase multiple aspects of your personality. The style we’re backing for Cancer zodiac? Pendant necklaces! Sweet and sentimental, pretty pendants are perfect for evoking nostalgia. Choose a pendant charm that sparks something sentimental in you and wear it daily. Feeling multi-faceted? Layer multiple pendants together! Shop pendants here.


4. Moon Details

The Cancer zodiac is ruled by the moon – which is why Cancer signs are prone to moodiness. Their emotions are heavily linked to the lunar cycle, with their emotions and energy levels rising and falling as the moon waxes and wanes. Pay tribute to the Cancerian ruling force with moon charms and motifs! Go subtle or statement, it’s up to you! Shop moon details here.


There you have it, the top 4 trends for Cancer zodiac season! Check out the full collection here. Wear them all together and make an entrance at your next event!

With love,


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