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Dec 20 2023

Pieces for your star sign  


It’s officially Capricorn season! Whether you’re celebrating your birthday this month, or plan on spoiling a Capricorn in your life – we have just the thing to make this season special. From signature pendant necklaces, to personalised jewellery and the perfect party pieces – discover our selection of Capricorn-approved pieces.  

Capricorn Traits & Compatibility  

Capricorns are lovable and humble earth signs, ruled by planet Saturn. Known for their ambition and determination, Capricorns are often regarded as hardworking star signs who strive for success in all aspects of their lives. 

Their practical and disciplined nature makes them reliable and trustworthy partners and besties who connect well with fellow earth signs, Taurus and Virgo, who share their grounded nature. 

Capricorns also gel well with their opposing sign Cancer which balances their reserved nature, providing a great emotional bond for Capricorn.  

Star Sign Jewellery  


Looking for the perfect treat-yourself gesture or birthday gift? Discover premium pieces from the Lovisa Zodiac Collection, including signature necklace, bracelets and earring packs engraved with your star sign.  

Jewellery pieces from the Lovisa Star Sign Collection are plated with real gold and silver, featuring star sign charms adorned with cubic zirconia crystals and pearls. Sport your star sign with our bestselling Silver Plated Capricorn Cubic Zirconia Pendant Necklace, or Gold Plated Capricorn Earring Stack Pack.   

Add a personalised touch to your outfit or celebrate a special Capricorn in your life with the perfect gift in silver or gold from our Zodiac Collection here. 


Accessories for Celebration Season  


Capricorn season is full of celebrations, from birthday parties to Christmas and New Year’s Eve, make a statement with party-ready accessories.  

Make this season all about you Capricorn with dazzling, diamante-encrusted drop earrings – perfect for making a lasting impression throughout December and January.  

Embrace your stylish side this season with trending statement earrings, including bold teardrop earrings and floral statement stud earrings. For a brooding and chic finish to your outfit, opt for diamante embellished, gunmetal waterfall earrings like these Black Floral Diamante Drop Earrings for an elegant finish to your look. 

Discover our entire collection of party-ready statement earrings and make an entrance to all the events in your calendar this season. 


Signature Pendant Necklaces  


Keep things classy this season with Capricorn-approved pendant necklaces. Everyone needs a signature necklace that they can style as a staple in their daily rotation, and what better time to treat yourself?  

Explore our wide range of modern necklaces, perfect for everyday wear. From gold and silver plated chains, chokers and pendants – there's something to suit any occasion. For a distinctive look, style pendant necklaces with freshwater pearls, coin motifs, baguette crystals and initial charms for a look personal to you. 

Discover our entire collection of pendant necklaces here and enter the new year with a new signature piece in your collection.  


Diamond Keepsakes  


Capricorns appreciate the finer things in life, and nothing says fine more than some diamond-encrusted keepsakes. This season, surprise Capricorn with lavish jewellery pieces from our premium Cubic Zirconia Collection.  

Jewellery from our Cubic Zirconia Collection is designed with man-made crystals, designed to mimic the same cut and clarity as genuine diamonds – at a third of the price! Discover our selection of timeless gold and silver jewellery pieces, adorned with stunning crystals for a stand-out finish to your look.  

Gift a Capricorn in your life a lovely tennis bracelet, crystal wrist cuff or set of dazzling drop earrings for a present they’ll remember. Alternatively, treat yourself to something special from our Cubic Zirconia Collection this Capricorn season.  


Trending Ear Stacks  


For maximum impact this Capricorn Season, curate an eye-catching ear stack. Ear stacks are one of the top accessories of the season. Loved for their versatility and customisation, show off your unique sense of style with our selection of hoop and stud earring packs in gold, silver and rose gold.  

Keep things modern and timeless with our range of simple hoop earring packs in a range of different sizes, or embellish your stack with different gemstones, crystals and motifs.  

Discover our luxe earring packs, plated with real gold and silver here for a premium finish to your look.


There you have it, keepsakes and gift ideas for Capricorn season! Discover more Capricorn-approved pieces from our Zodiac Collection here or discover our selection of star sign jewellery here for more.  

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