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May 18 2020

#Trend-to-Try Tuesday

Natalie from Peace, Bliss, and Beauty has the go-to Minimalist Bridal Glam many brides have been searching for.

If you're looking to go subtle yet timeless and in edition minus the cost of an MUA for your big day simply follow this step by step tutorial.

Follow Natalie on Instagram: @peaceblissandbeauty
A message from Natalie: 

Hi, I’m Natalie a beauty therapist owner of Peace Bliss and Beauty, my passion is all things beauty.

Being in the industry now for ova 10+ years I've had a broad range of experience. From tanning to waxing to eyelashes one of the biggest things I've had to learn is that no two ladies are the same. As a beauty therapist, I need to be able to adapt to help achieve the desired outcome that my clients so richly deserve. My all-time favorite is being a part of a brides special day. I LOVE weddings! To see a bride's face light up after her first glance is a really rewarding feeling.

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