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May 12 2020

#Tutorial Thursday

Create the ultimate Cat Eye’s look with Tiffany Love. This trend is showcased globally from social media bathroom selfies to editorial glam and Tiffany gives us her basic how-to guide in just minutes. Get your liquid liner out, these wings will have you looking extra fly! 

All you need to complete this look:

Liquid Liner Pen or Gel liner with Brush, False Lashes, Eyelash Glue and Mascara

Follow Tiffany:

IG @tiffanylovemakeup

Youtube Tiffany Love Mua

Tiktok @tiffanylovemakeup



A message from Tiffany:

Hey guys, I’m Tiffany, a hair and makeup artist with 11 years of experience in the industry. Some of my proudest achievements are getting published in Herald Sun on an article based on ‘Faux freckles,’ traveling to Bali and Hawaii for work, working on some of my favorite Reality TV celebs such as Erin Barnett (Love Island/I’m a celebrity, get me out of here), Anna McEvoy (Love Island) and also getting to work with cool brands such as Lovisa.

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