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May 31 2022

Are you Edgy or Lollipop Glam? Take the Quiz to Find Out!

Get out the 8mm film and the synthesisers, cause Stranger Things 4 has dropped! It’s everyone’s favourite wholesome show about childhood friendships and flesh-eating monsters.  

The Netflix hit is an exercise in ‘80s nostalgia from start to finish. A love letter to the 1980s if you will: when friends worked at video rental stores and ice cream parlours, Saturdays consisted of a day at the roller rink or community pool and there wasn’t anything cooler than an older sibling’s vintage Ford Mustang.

And the fashion! Whether you favour Mrs. Wheelers pool getup (that bright pink nylon bathing suit and blue eyeliner combo!), or Eleven’s punk phase – the ‘80s were a delight for fashion. Anything goes!

Would you opt for bright neon hoops or heavy black and gold chains? Are you more edgy or lollipop glam? And what Lovisa products should you style for each? Take the quiz to find out!

1. When you were in high school, on a Sunday night you could be found:
A) On the phone, gossiping with your friends.
B) Hanging out with your friends in your parent’s basement.

2. Your friend has an extra ticket to Poltergeist. Will you take it?
A) No way! I hate horror movies.
B) Definitely! I’ve been meaning to see it.

3. You’re renting a movie for a night in. Which will you choose?
A) Pretty in Pink.
B) The Shining.

4. You’re heading over to a friend’s house to ‘study.’ What are you wearing?
A) High-waisted jeans and a cardigan.
B) My leather jacket.

5. Pick an 80s-inspired makeup look:
A) Heavy blue and lilac eyeshadow.
B) Black eyeliner with a charcoal effect under your eye.

6. You've had a big day at Starcourt Mall and it's time for a snack. Pick an ice cream sundae:
A) Strawberry and vanilla ice cream with whipped cream, rainbow sprinkles and a cherry.
B) Salted caramel and chocolate ice cream with nuts and hot fudge sauce.

7. You’re headed into the woods to investigate a strange noise. What do you bring?
A) A weapon and a flashlight.
B) I don’t need supplies…maybe a box of waffles in case I get hungry?

8. Pick a colour palette:
A) Bright is best! Bubblegum pink, neon yellow, electric purple and vivid blue.
B) Black and gold – I like to keep it slick and clean.

9. You’re convinced of a secret cover up. How do you respond?
A) I’ll use my intelligence to expose them!
B) I’ll use my strength to challenge them!

10. Pick a cheesy pass time:
A) Shopping at the mall.
B) Skating at the roller rink.

11. Pick a superpower:
A) Super smarts.
B) Telekinesis.  

Mostly As – Your 80s Look is Lollipop Glam!

Why hello there, you look smashing! You favour statement profiles, clashing patterns and vivid colour. Think Whitney Houston declaring that she just wants to dance with somebody.

This styling is favoured by the more overtly feminine characters in the Stranger Things crew – like Nancy and Karen Wheeler, as well as Erica Sinclair. These are tough, strong-minded characters that are unapologetically themselves and don’t let their love of pink get in the way of standing up for themselves. Pretty rad.

To rock this looks, opt for a pair of statement hoops or drops. Layer your look with pops of colour, and don’t shy away from chunky profiles. Shop the look here.  


Mostly Bs – Your 80s Look is Edgy Glam!

Make an entrance, darling! This bold, boss look is all about commanding authority while remaining effortlessly glamorous. Think Madonna’s iconic black and gold look from Desperately Seeking Susan.

This styling is better suited to the personalities of Eleven, Robin and Max – strong characters who own their space and don’t let anyone else dictate their choices.

To recreate this look, choose gold jewellery and layer it with touches of black. Opt for statement studs or drops and layered necklaces with bold embellishments. Don’t forget about hair accessories – an oversized black scrunchie or a eye-catching scarf really tie the look together! Shop the look here.

Did we nail your Stranger Things style profile? Are you edgy or lollipop glam? Maybe you're both! Shop all 80s styles here
Don't forget to tag #MyLovisaStyle in your looks, we can't wait to see you rock  it 80s style! 

With love, 
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