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May 05 2020

#Self-Care Sunday


Something smells amazing! Heavenly Healthy Choc Banana Bread with Cassandra. 

It’s not often all of us can put “healthy” and “incredibly tasty” in one sentence, Cassandra is the expert in doing so! Here you get a taste (unfortunately not literally unless you get yourself baking) of her original recipe “Heavenly Healthy Choc Banana Bread”. Quickly, race to your pantry and check what ingredients you already have.

All you need: watch this clip and you will find out
Follow Cassandra: @cassandraallen_
About Cassandra: Cassandra comes with a background of over 6 years' experience in exercise science and supplements. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or experienced individual she is passionate about helping you achieve your personal goals. She likes to be called Cass and is always open to conversations about nutrition, exercise, health, and wellness and exploring ways to improve quality of life. Just don't try to share her fries : )
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