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May 05 2020

#Social Saturday

Spend the day with Founder/#GIRLBOSS of Shy Denim Cheianna Jade. From sourcing to the ready-to-wear product, expect to go behind the scenes, and master how it all works from start to finish.

Follow: Shy Denim (@shydenim_) Cheianna (@cheiannajade)
A message from Cheianna: is my website, former blog, turned portfolio. I currently am still working on the Shy Denim website so it’s not live yet. However, you can purchase my denim through Instagram. I am a young Aboriginal fashion enthusiast from the Sunshine Coast, who is obsessed with sun, sparkles and all things denim. In 2012 I started my own self-titled fashion blog which was my main creative outlet growing up. When I graduated from university in 2017 I started my own label, Shy Denim, and began working as a Visual Merchandiser. This career has to lead me to Sydney, which is where I now call home. Shy Denim is a small fashion label built and run by myself from my little studio in Sydney. I used second-hand denim to create all sorts of funky pieces for anyone who wants to look & feel good, while not making a huge impact on the environment. In my IGTV with Lovisa’s #StyleChannel I will take you through my design process from start to finish.
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